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Maxine's Cafe & Bakery

If you stop to ask anyone in Bastrop County for the best cafe and restaurant, you'll be directed towards Maxine's.
This small town cafe is located at 905 Main St in Bastrop, TX. They offer a full range menu including Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, amazing Pies and Desserts as well as weekdays specials. They even have live music nights at weekends.

Maxine's Catering & Bakery is an extension to this restaurant and they offer their catering services and baked goods for any occasion, whether it be an office lunch or a wedding. The restaurant also caters to vegetarians, vegans and gluten-free options are also available.

Breakfast selection

Some of the Local Favorites on their breakfast menu are Eggs Benedict, Eggs Florentine and Texas Scramble, priced between $11 and $13.50.

The Big Ol's Breakfast Platters offer Signature Chicken Fried Steak, Pork Chops and Sirloin Fillet, for prices between $10.50 and $16.00.

A great choice of your morning meal would surely be Maxine's Omelette. You can choose 5 ingredients for $10.50. Any additional item will cost $1 each.

Their Southern Classics include Biscuits & Bacon or Sausage Gravy, priced at $5 for a half order and $7.25 for the full one. Chicken & Waffles are $11.00 and you can also order Maxine's Breakfast Tacos for $3.75.

From The Griddle menu offers a variety of meals such as Maxine's Belgian Style Waffle for $7 or Maxine's Legendary Griddle Cake for $6.50.

Texas Monthly Stacker is a signature dish that was featured on the Texas Monthly cover in December 2011. 12 Griddle cakes served with bacon are priced at $30.

Fresh Farm Eggs and a selection of Sides are also part of this packed breakfast menu. 
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Lunch and Dinner Menu

If you're heading down to this restaurant for lunch or dinner, their menu is filled with great Home Grilled Burgers priced between $10 and $11.

Their Specialty Sandwiches start at $9 with a Classic BLT or a Chicken Salad, followed by Famous Fried Green Tomato BLT at $10 and some other interesting picks priced up to $12.50 per sandwich.

There is also a great selection of Appetizers and Specialty Salads on Maxine's menu as well as baked goodies in the form of Traditional, Cream or Fruit Pies, Cakes, Cheesecakes, various other pastries and even Keto Pies, which are free from gluten or sugar!

Whatever the time of day, Maxine's is the TOP place to go.


Nice family atmosphere. Truly enjoyed this place. Attentive, friendly staff. The burger combo and sandwich combo were outstanding. Staff wearing masks. Tables cleaned as soon as they are left vacant. Good food. Good people.
Joel M - TripAdvisor
Breakfast or Lunch - you can't go wrong. Pancakes that cover a normal-sized dinner plate and chicken fried steak that is crispy and scrumptious. We did not partake in dessert, but there were several cakes, pastry and pie options for your sweet tooth.
Michelle D C - TripAdvisor
Great chicken fried steak and superb prices! Went here on a Friday night by myself and the staff were awesome :)
Karen C - TripAdvisor
Second time here visiting the family. Friendly service is standard. The meatloaf was literally as good as my mom's and she was sitting in front of me. The gravy was AMAZING. Fresh mashed potatoes and Mac and cheese. So very tasty. The family all had great meals as well: catfish and pork chops. Enough for two meals each. The glasses of tea were so huge my mom could barely lift them. The tea was actually really good...which is hard for tea. Wanted some dessert. Was overridden. Maybe next time.
Gerald - TripAdvisor